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Customer Testimonials

Nancy is fabulous. Our dog Sophie is spoiled and needs a lot of attention. Nancy is a great pal to our Sophie. When I leave in the morning for work I tell Sophie that Nancy is coming over …..Sophie tail start wagging and she can’t wait to see Nancy. Nancy is very reliable with her daily schedule with Sophie. Nancy is a warm, loving and always has hugs for our Sophie. Nancy is part of our family now. TC

I have been using Nancy's pet sitting services for two years to care for my cats. Nancy took excellent care of my first cat Lola who required specialized feedings and medication and visits two times a day. Lola also had litter box issues due to her medical condition and Nancy cleaned the area thoroughly. Lola was always calm and relaxed when I returned from my trips which is saying a lot since she had a nervous condition on top of medical issues. Lola loved "talking" with Nancy! Nancy has cared for Bunny, my new little girl, twice now, who also is a bit challenging. Bunny can also be very vocal but primarily loves to run and hide. Nancy has been able to find Bunny during each visit, and hopes someday to be able to pet her. Bunny waits in the front window for Nancy's daily visits. What I appreciate most are the summary notes Nancy leaves on her final visit, letting me know how the visits went, if there were any issues, and a general description of my cat's behavior. Food and litter box areas have always been left in a very clean condition. Nancy has also been flexible when we have been unable to return home as originally scheduled, and continued her services until we could get back. Thanks Nancy! - AS

Nancy always watches our cat and dog when we have to go out of town. Our dog requires several medications & has special needs. Nancy takes loving care of her, she always gets her meds, walks and petting. I don't like to leave my furry kids but I always know they are in good hands with Nancy. Trustworthy, very reliable, pets love her and I highly recommend her services. - VR

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